Paper is all around us. And I don't just mean the sheets we put into a printer or write on. There's kitchen roll, toilet paper, wallpaper, masking tape, some of the money in your pocket. The humble tree not only provides crucial atmospheric gases for us to breathe, it bequeaths us a key furnishing material and one of the most useful manufactured materials in the world.

At Printed Gift Shop, paper is of course a critical part of our product. However, if we were to use the same grade that most documents are printed on, our prints would be blotchy and the colours would sink into the paper.


When we started out in the final days of 2012, our draft designs were printed onto the high gloss photo paper that you can get in the supermarket. This is much better than the standard 80gsm copier paper most of us use in our desktop printers, but the sheen and saturation of colour can be a bit overpowering. After much experimentation, we discovered that different grades and coatings worked well for different colourations and styles.

Nowadays we have a dream team of three types of paper. The most common one we use is a 270g satin (semi gloss), which is a great conveyor of colour. Next up is probably our favourite and definitely the one we get complemented most about. The 245g fine art watercolour paper is thick enough to take colour very well, and has a dimpled texture which really emphasises the rustic quality of designs such as our Family Tree poster. Finally, our most popular design, 'If' by Rudyard Kipling, is printed on 210g matt photographic paper.

Just like you might have a particular recipient or occasion in mind when buying a gift, we think there's a type of paper out there that's suitable for every poster design.